Analytical Balance

The Weighing Accuracy of an Analytical Balance
Analytical balance accuracy can only be achieved if the scale operator is consistently alert and careful. Even with alert and careful operators, other factors can influence the analytical balance calibration. In instances where precision is vital, Read More


Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridge Truck Scales: Optimizing Scales
Scales are crucial equipment when it comes to leveraging operations, especially logistics. The logistics and shipping industry thrives on the accuracy of measurements as it helps in preventing accidents and avoiding penalties. Read More



construction industry

Why Scales Are a Crucial Part of the Construction Industry
The construction industry has one of the most dynamic operational environments. Therefore, the use of industry appropriate systems and tools are especially important, as they directly affect the output and profitability of the organization. Among the multiple systems used at construction sites, the measurement and weighing systems are the most crucial aspect during operations. Read More


Travis AFB

Travis Air Force Base Provides Humanitarian Aid
Quality Scales Unlimited recently responded to a trouble call at Travis Air Force Base. Their scale weighing issues could not have happened at a worse time for the Air Force Base as they were rushing to respond to disasters occurring in both the U.S. and Mexico.As always, QSU provided excellent service in effectively repairing the scale in a timely manner. Soon after the job was completed… Read More


Barrel Floor Scale

What You Should Look for When Buying an Industrial Floor Scale
Does your company need an industrial floor scale? Are you still unsure about what type of scale you should get? There are a few things you should consider before purchasing a floor scale. Ask yourself, is this scale suitable for my business and does the size of the scale suit the area the scale will be installed? Having a good quality scale that is specifically suited to your business needs will allow you… Read More


farm truck scales

The Processing Industry’s 101 Guide for Weighing Scales
Accurate weighing is a leading factor in the shipping and handling industry! The accuracy of the weight can affect the overall quality of the final product which can determine profits for the business. An optimized operating system is the result of the newest technology that is available today. Read More


farm truck scales

Weighing Equipment for Warehouses & Distribution Centers
Accuracy, reliability and efficiency of data are key factors that affect both safety and performance in warehousing and distribution operations. Modern weighing technology also offers a wide range of solutions for automating the majority of tasks in this sector, significantly reducing operation costs and increasing the return on investment. Let’s look at a few solutions for weighing in Read More


farm truck scales

How Advanced Truck Scale Technology Impacts Farming
Just like any other business, high-volume farming depends on the right tools and equipment as much as the product itself. Modern weighing technology is highly customized for each industry, providing high accuracy and dependability in various applications. Farm truck scales are designed to streamline farming and harvest management at every stage, all the while ensuring that products are weighed… Read More


E-Commerce and Shipping Businesses 1

Six Scales Great for E-Commerce and Shipping Businesses
Weight is a key element in the E-Commerce and Shipping Industries. Choosing the best weighing system for your business needs can improve efficiency and your bottom line. The weight of a package determines the cost of the shipment; e.g., the heavier a package is, the more expensive it will be to ship. To maintain profitability, you need to charge the customer the amount you are charged by the shipping agency. If the package weighs more than you thought, shipping charges will be added to your billed charges. Read More




Rice Lake RoughDeck QC Floor Scales with Pit Foundation
Quality Scales Unlimited recently installed a stainless steel floor scale at a customer’s meat processing facility in Fairfield, CA. Our customer’s environment requires that their equipment is regularly washed down as they handle raw and cooked meats.Read More


Livestock scales

Getting the Most Out of Your Livestock Scale
Animals are in constant motion so it’s not always possible to weigh animals on conventional scales. It’s easier and more accurate to weigh animals using weighing equipment designed to weigh livestock. Livestock scales offer higher accuracy, precision and convenience when you’re weighing farm animals such as cattle, sheep and horses.Read More



Streamline Food Production Processes with Proper Weighing Practices
Industrial weighing scales play an important role in every stage of production, packaging and transportation in the food and beverage sector. Along with ensuring that measurements are accurate and precise, they can also help with more efficient documentation, monitoring and control.Read More


Four Ways a Truck Scale Streamlines Your Logistics
A weighbridge, or truck scale, is a type of scale designed to accurately measure the weight of loaded vehicles as they pass over it. It may be installed in a permanent, high-traffic location such as a highway weigh station or on the premises of businesses needing to weigh their trucks. Truck scales can be installed above ground with access ramps or in a pit with the scale level to the ground. Read More



Portable Truck Scales – A Superior Solution for all your Weighing Needs
From shipping and construction to agriculture and logistics, different types of truck scales are used in a variety of industries for accurate weighing. From large scales that can be permanently installed to flexible portable solutions that can be moved from site to site. Truck scales are available in different makes and models to suit industry-specific needs. Truck scales feature a robust construction, come with user-friendly features and deliver accurate results in many conditions. Read More


Scales in Logistics and the SOLAS Container Weight Mandate
If someone asked you to describe “logistics” in easy to understand language, you might say something along the lines of “it’s a fancy term for coordinating and delivering products from a business.” It sounds simple, but there are a lot of complexities that go on behind the scenes to make sure that freight arrives unscathed and on time. We’ll be talking about just one of the many aspects of logistics today, scales. Read More


Keeping Your Truck Scale in Optimal Working Order
Two easy ways to stay compliant and keep repair costs down are staying on schedule with your truck scale preventative maintenance services and keeping your scale clean and debris free. Routine preventative maintenance and good housekeeping can prevent costly downtimes and delays. While it may seem unnecessary and expensive to pay for preventative maintenance services by a certified scale service provider, in the end, it can save you money, time and additional work for your staff. Read More




Truck Scales in the Mining Industry
One of the most profitable industries globally remains to be mining, and the demand for minerals keeps growing. Even as many global markets slow due to uncertainties, the demand for minerals continues. In the mining industry operation costs can be high and thus it is important to utilize the latest technology to guarantee maximum returns. Read More


2017 Feed & Grain Conference
Earlier this month Quality Scales Unlimited’s Sales Team attended the Annual California Feed & Grain Conference in Seaside, CA. The basic purpose of this conference is to provide mill managers and key employees of grain handling and feed manufacturing operations an educational program consisting of both managerial and technical information specific to the industry. Read More


Superior Rail Scales – Learning the Basics and the Benefits
When it comes to rail operations, one of the most critical aspects is rail weighing. Rail scales are used for monitoring the various product deliveries as well as avoiding penalties for overloading. There are several other reasons why you should have them in place Read More


Load Cells: Forces under Test during Materials and Process Control Testing
There are different types of materials and process control testing procedures. The use of force as a variable is one of the ways in which materials and other complex assemblies can be tested on a wide range of parameters. The fact heavy objects will deflect like a spring or a lever more than light objects has been common knowledge for centuries. Improvements on that concept have seen the development of load cells configured to test and measure a variety of materials and process controls. Read More


Rental Axle Pads
Quality Scales Unlimited provides a robust selection of rental scales if a permanent scale installation does not suit your company’s requirements. One of the scale systems that is most frequently rented from Quality Scales Unlimited are Axle Scales. Axle Scales are commonly referred to as “Jump Scales,” “Axle Pads,” or “Wheel Load Scales.” Read More


Calibration analytical BalanceExternal Calibration Procedure for Analytical Balances and Scales
Industry standards such as ISO 9000, give their vote of approval to external certified calibration mass for the calibration of balances and scales. Even though many balances that include internal motorized calibration are available in the market, they can be extremely costly, and will still need external calibration for ISO certification. Read More


OHAUS-Precision-Product-LineOHAUS Corporation Partnership
Over the past 35 years Quality Scales Unlimited has maintained a relationship with OHAUS Corporation, a scale company based out of Parsippany, New Jersey. OHAUS shares the same passion for customer service, accuracy, and quality products, as Quality Scales Unlimited. Read More


Premiere Brand Meats Checkweighing StationFood Grade Environment Scale Equipment
Quality Scales Unlimited constantly strives to better serve our customers by providing application specific solutions for our customer’s weighing equipment requirements. Recently, Quality Scales Unlimited installed a Rice Lake Weighing Systems scale, indicator and printer at one of our customer’s meat packing facilities in Northern California. Read More


Rental Truck ScaleQuality Scales Unlimited Truck Scale Rental Blog
To better satisfy our customer’s truck scale needs, Quality Scales Unlimited stocks two rental truck scales as a solution for our customer’s Legal-for-Trade weighing requirements. We keep the truck scales at our yard in Byron, CA and will mobilize them at a moment’s notice. The portable truck scales we have in stock come in two sizes; 40’ x 12’ and 70’ x 10’. Read More


purchasing scale equipment onlineThe Perils of Purchasing Scale Equipment Online
In today’s fast-paced world, more people and companies are inclined to just hop on their computer or mobile phone, click on a button and order something—even if it’s a complicated item like a scale. The problem is, while scale equipment is readily available online, it’s not something buyers should jump into lightly without doing their due diligence. Read More


Importance of Preventative Maintenance Scale ServicesThe Importance of Preventative Maintenance Scale Services
Quality Scales Unlimited provides Preventative Maintenance (PM) Scale Service programs for all makes and models of industrial scales. A PM Service is a key element to maximizing the life, performance, and accuracy of your weighing equipment. Quality Scales Unlimited takes pride in providing consistent, reliable Preventative Maintenance Services to our customers. Read More


Wine Run 2016
With the beginning of summer, comes the anticipation and preparation for the grape harvest in the Napa Valley and other wineries in Northern California. As this summer comes to an end, we reflect on another successful “Wine Run” in 2016. Read More


Train Weighing Scales & Their Benefits
Rail weighing is a vital component of every facet of rail operation just as truck scales are important in the shipping and logistics sector. That is, from avoiding penalties of overloading to monitoring delivering and shipping of products. There are a number of reasons why the use of train weighing scales is recommended. Read More


Keeping Diabetic Alert Dogs Healthy and Motivated
Dogs 4 Diabetics in Concord, California trains assistance dogs to detect and alert on the scent of hypoglycemia in insulin-dependent diabetics. They also train their clients in the use and handling of these dogs. For success, a diabetic handler must develop the skills to use their Medical Alert Assistance Dog and integrate the dog into their lives. Read More


industrial belt scale QSUHow Often Should You Calibrate Your Balances and Conveyor Belt Scales?
Calibration is a process that determines the statistical relationship between an observed output of a particular measurement system, and the value of the measured characteristic, based on reference standards. The importance of a calibration schedule is to ensure that the required accuracy is maintained while at the same time minimizing the scale calibrating costs. Read More


rowing championship qsuQuality Scales Unlimited & the NCAA National Woman’s Rowing Championships – Lake Natoma, Gold River, CA – May 27-29, 2016”
When you think NCAA National Championship you think grand stage, a chance to prove yourself as the best in the nation, a chance to showcase your school’s pride and put your College team on the map. Read More


19inch remote displayBelt-Way Scales: New Technology – “19” Remote Display”
Quality Scales Unlimited takes pride in applying the most innovative technology to our customer’s weighing application requirements. We focus on integrating new scale technology to help our customers achieve the highest level of efficiency and production to meet their needs.Read More


Above Ground Truck ScalesTruck Scales for Transportation and Logistics Industries
Scales are crucial to the operations of many businesses especially when it comes to transportation and logistics. The logistics and shipping industries thrive on the accuracy of their weighbridge truck scales as well as the prevention of accidents and penalties.Read More


Rice Lake Bus in QuarryRice Lake Weighing Bus Tour April 2016
Earlier this month, the Quality Scales Unlimited Sales Team took part in the Rice Lake Weighing Systems Bus Tour with the guidance of Rice Lake’s Director of the Mobile Marketing Unit, Jeff Malinowski…. Read More


World Ag Expo 2016 Test TruckWorld Ag Expo 2016
Quality Scales Unlimited exhibited last month in Tulare, CA at World Ag Expo, the largest outdoor agricultural expo in the world. The QSU sales team encouraged farmers and ranchers to explore new innovations, products and services designed to meet the specific weighing needs of the agricultural sector… Read More


Superior Demolition ServicesTruck Scale Installed in San Martin
Recently, Quality Scales Unlimited installed a 70’ x 11’ Rice Lake Weighing Systems OTR above ground truck scale at Superior Demolition Service in San Martin, CA. The truck scale is set up with truck “in and out” software to collect the truck’s weight information with a date and time stamp as each truck enters and leaves the facility… Read More


Sales Team at Feed & Grain ConferenceCalifornia Grain & Feed Conference
The sales team from Quality Scales Unlimited attended the California Grain & Feed Conference January 13-14 in Monterey California. The two day conference is an annual educational event coordinated by the California Grain & Feed Association…Read More


industrial belt scale QSUWhere Should You Install a Conveyor Belt Scale?
A conveyor belt scale weighs material while being carried on conveyor belts. Conveyor belt scales weigh the material and determine the rate at which material travels on a conveyor belt over a specific period of time…….Read More


Truck Scale RampTruck Scale Installation in San Jose
Quality Scales Unlimited loves to solve our customers’ problems! Two years ago, Eco Box Recycling came to QSU in need of an accurate convenient solution to the way they were weighing their debris boxes before and after use…….Read More


In Ground Truck ScalesEssential Considerations for Truck Scale Installation
Planning and preparation for the purchase of your truck scale is essential. A truck scale is a major investment for your business, so do your homework before making your purchase. Before you make you make that investment, take into account the considerations below……Read More


truck scale installation seattleSeattle Truck Scale Installation
This week we performed a truck scale installation in Seattle, Washington for a glass recycling company. Our client was depending on a neighboring truck scale for their weighing needs and incurring a charge each time they used their neighbor’s truck scale.Read More


truck scaleAdvanced Weigh-in-Motion Technology
Caltrans is utilizing cutting edge in-motion weighing technology in Southern and Northern California. Caltrans signed a 1.74 million dollar contract with Canadian Company, International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) to provide a Weigh-in-Motion sorter system for….Read More


conveyor belt scaleItems to Consider When Choosing Conveyor Belt Scales
Conveyor Belt Scales, more commonly known as Belt Scales, are used to weigh materials while being carried on conveyor belts. Since it is inefficient, labor intensive and not always possible to remove the material from a conveyor belt, weigh the material, and then put the material back on the conveyor, the most efficient and cost-effective weighing solution is utilizing a conveyor belt scale….Read More


industrial load cells NevadaTop 4 Factors that Affect the Accuracy of Your Weighing System
There are four factors that greatly affect the accuracy of your weighing system. If you suspect your weighing system is not weighing accurately, you may need to make take into consideration the four following factors and make adjustments accordingly. Consult your scale service provider if you need additional information or assistance trouble shooting inaccuracy issues…Read More


Concrete deck truck scaleTruck Scale Maintenance – What Every Owner Should Know?
As a truck scale owner, you’re aware of your scale’s uses and capabilities, but have you considered how slight errors and improper calibration could contribute to potential revenue loss? If your business is weighing relatively low cost products, you may think a few hundred pounds……Read More


On-board ScalesWaste Operations Using On-Board Scales
On-board truck scales have rapidly evolved since they were first introduced in the weighing industry over 30 years ago. For many types of industries, always knowing the loaded weight of their vehicles at any given time is a must for doing business. Operating safely and maximizing payload whilst avoiding fines for overloading are other reasons for using on-board scales….Read More


Miller Milling photoTruck Scales – Making the World Go Around
Truck scales are a large set of scales that are usually mounted on concrete foundations and are used to weigh railway cars or trucks along with their contents. By weighing the railway car or truck when it is both empty and loaded, the load it carries can be easily calculated…..Read More


analytical balanceFactors Affecting Analytical Balances
Analytical balances are the basic tools of quantitative analysis. They are used to accurately weigh samples and precipitates. The balances are able to provide accurate measurements to four decimal places, for example 0.0001 grams. Due to the extremely sensitive nature of these instruments, there are several factors that can cause them to give erroneous readings…Read More


rail scales for recyclingWeighing Systems for Waste and Recycling
The importance of weighing systems in waste management and recycling cannot be challenged. Huge amounts of raw materials flow into industries, so keeping an accurate account of this waste material is crucial in being able to monitor costs and efficiencies. One way to tackle this challenge is by using high quality precision weighing equipment appropriate for the businesses needs…Read More