• Enclosed scale includes two standard gates
  • Rubberized deck
  • Rugged all-weather power paint
  • Low deck height of only six inches when in weigh mode
  • 12 volt battery pack ( recharged by tow vehicle)
  • Integral air pump to lift and lower trailer air bag suspension
  • Electric brakes
  • Can be used on any firm surface up to 6% grade
  • Approved Legal for Trade in the United States and Canada
  • Junction box for load cells
  • Rubber strip on entry and exit flooring


The mobile scale utilizes an air ride suspension, which enables the scale to be moved in and out of weighing mode by adjusting the air bag pressure. The MAS-M can provide Legal-for-Trade weights in locations where the scale may be off level by a six percent grade. When in the weigh mode, the rubberized deck is only six inches off the ground. The low profile of the weighing platform makes loading and unloading animals safe and easy in a small amount of time.

An advantage of bringing the scale to the animals for weighing is minimizing “shrink factor”. Shrink factor is the amount of weight an animal loses while traveling to an off-site scale. An average of 8% weight can be lost when animals travel off-site to be weighed. Studies have proven shrink will be reduced by 6% on average when the animal is weighed at the site. This increased profitability could be the deciding factor when choosing a mobile verse a stationary livestock scale.

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